Corporate Fraud Investigations & Assessments

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Corporate Fraud Investigations & Assessments

Our Corporate Investigations practice helps organizations in business assurance, in the matters of corporate fraud allegations including kickbacks or financial mismanagement, and more.

We help organizations in:

  • Fraud risk assessment and management
  • Fraud investigation
  • Forensic accounting and litigation support
  • Anti money laudering & known your vendors & clients services
  • Organisation structure, personal policies & internal control analysis

Investigation methodology:

Profile the suspect

  • Desktop and database searches
  • Corporate and social media searches
  • Internal and External Inquiries
  • Site visits

Understand control gaps

  • Detailed review of process
  • Data mining and analysis

Investigate the findings of process review

  • Internal and external inquiries
  • Review of additional records such as CCTV footage, security records etc.
  • Computer Forensic, Undercover operation, Surveillance

Interview the suspects and witnesses

  • Preparation of questions
  • Interview
  • Testimony of witness and Confession of fraudster