Emergency Response & Crisis Management

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Emergency Response & Crisis Management:

We have the expertise to deal with all aspects of Emergency Response Procedures and Contingency Planning, including writing custom procedures and contingency plans, auditing existing plans, annual amendments, training Senior and Middle Management and Staff in those procedures, preparation and execution of exercises to consolidate the training and increase the familiarisation of those procedures.

Our support includes: the design, provision, introduction and implementation of incident management and emergency response plans; the provision of business continuity management plans; staff training at all levels from operational to corporate and the planning and delivery of emergency response training and exercises.Should you wish to discuss production of a new Emergency Response Manual or Suite of Contingency Plans; amendments to your existing plans and procedures; how best to prepare for an upcoming audit; or if you have any questions regarding your current Emergency Response Manuals and Procedures or your current contingency plans and procedures, then please Contact Us.